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Player's Name: Kristina
Contact info: [plurk.com profile] raynebowranger, kristina.carr@gmail.com, PM
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Character: Nora - Soul Survivor, Blue, Vault Dweller
Canon: Fallout 4
Version: Canon - but the canon she's from is flexible - influenced by player choices.
Canon Point: End game
Age: 32
History: Generic Wiki Link

Nora exists in a world which diverges from our own some time after the Second World War.

She was a housewife, a mother and a lawyer. Living the American Dream with her husband Nate, her son Shaun, her housekeeper robot Codsworth and their pet dog. At least she was until the bombs hit on October 23rd, 2077 during the Great War. She and her family - minus Codsworth and the dog make it to Vault 111 where they are cryogenically frozen under the pretence of being decontaminated. That is when her life changed forever.

Her husband is murdered and her son kidnapped. When Nora is thawed in 2287 she sets out to find her son and avenge her husband's murder.

Along the way she meets a dog called Dogmeat who quickly becomes her trusted companion.

She joins the Minutemen and becomes their General.

She joins the Brotherhood of Steel and becomes a high ranking Paladin.

She joins the Railroad under the codename 'Whisper'.

She joins Nick Valentine's Detective Agency.

She helps set up numerous settlements and helps to keep them defended.

She eventually discovers her son was kidnapped by an organisation known as the Institute who needed his DNA to aid in the creation of their synthetic humans - Synths. She also discovers that the infant taken from her is now a 60+ year old man who has become head of the Institute and who is also terminally ill with cancer.

She destroys the Institute by blowing it up - with her son inside. But she does evacuate as many people as she can - including a synth child replica of her son who she takes home to raise as if he were human.

Strengths/Abilities: Mundane tasks such as cooking and cleaning; lock-picking; computer hacking; fire arms; basic explosives; melee weaponry; laser weaponry; mechanics; robot hacking.
Supply List: 10mm pistol with ammunition; rifle with a couple of boxes of .42 rounds; 5 stimpaks; 1 med-X; combat knife; box of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes; bottle of Nuka Cherry; Vault 111 jumpsuit; newsboy cap; armor - arms, legs, chest; Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV; Mirelurk jerky; ( and pending mod approval) her canine companion Dogmeat; pink X-01 Power Armor plus 3 fusion cores to power it.
CR Transfers: None
Sample RP post: Random Scenario
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Hello! You've reached Nora! I'm most likely helping a settlement or hiding from Preston, but you know what to do. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

[ This post is for IC and OOC contact, please specify which when you comment. I'm open to possible verses or regular threaders, either comment here or send a PM and we can work something out. ]

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 02:28
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How's My Driving?

Got questions or criticism about the way I play Nora? Leave them here. While characters are open to interpretation, I really appreciate the time taken to let me know how I can improve my characterization. Please be specific about what you think I'm getting wrong and how I can fix it.

Anon is on, IP logging is off. Comments are screened.


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