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Name:Nora aka the Sole Survivor
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America


"Because I know war. War never changes."


☑ general of the Commonwealth Minutemen
☑ paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel
☑ railroad agent - Whisper
☑ saved synth Shaun
☑ saved Danse
☑ destroyed the Institute
☑ honorary Atom Cat
☑ liberated the Nuka-World traders



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[ This journal is part of a non-profit roleplaying community and is not intended to be taken literally as the character portrayed. I am in no way associated with the owners of the intellectual property the character belongs to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do I pretend to own any part of said property, trademarks or characters. This journal may be subject to removal at the request of the real person, trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof.

In other words... I am not Nora or Felicia Day. I do not own the rights to Fallout 4. And last but not least my thoughts and opinions are not necessarily that of the character. ]

[ Mun & Muse over 18. ]

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atom cats, cait, curie, deacon, desdemona, diamond city, dogmeat, elder maxson, fallout, fallout 4, ghouls, glory, goodneighbor, hancock, home plate, john hancock, jun long, maccready, magnolia, mama murphy, marcy long, nate, nick valentine, nuka-world, p.a.m, paladin danse, piper wright, preston garvey, robert joseph maccready, sanctuary hills, shaun, stimpaks, strong, sturges, synths, the brotherhood, the brotherhood of steel, the castle, the minutemen, the prydwen, the railroad, tinker tom, vault 111, vault 81, vault 88, vault-tec
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